Acte Vide @ Cafe OTO

ACTE VIDE + Grundik Kasyansky / Eddie Prevost / Jerry Wigens


WEDNESDAY 22nd April 2009

Times : 8pm

Tickets : £5


Acte Vide is an open-ended duo project between Yannis Kotsonis and Danae Stefanou. It consists of a series of improvised sessions that take place in public or domestic settings, and involve mainly piano and electronics, but extend to voice, percussion, and any found object in sight. Our sessions explore the constant circle of reactivity that emerges from the real-time, spontaneous interaction between two sound sources and two personalities. They are therefore intimate, dense and concentrated, and are treated and documented as one-off performances.

All our recorded sessions are available for download at http://acte-vide.blogspot.com

Grundik Kasyansky (electronics), Eddie Prevost (percussion), Jerry Wigens (clarinet)

Bound by a common commitment to experimentation and the exploration of sound material, the trio are regular participants in Prevost’s weekly workshop. Eddie Prevost needs little introduction, being one of the leading performers and theorists in the field of improvisation, widely known for his work with AMM. Grundik Kasyansky works both solo and with others in the fields of improvisation and installation, and designs sound for dance, theatre and film. He was born in Moscow in 1974 and has lived in New York and also in Israel where he formed the leading experimental duo Grundik+Slava. Jerry Wigens is an improviser and composer, and is active as both a guitarist and clarinetist. He is involved in a wide range of musical activities involving an improvisational approach.

The three have never played together as a trio.